Our prices

Our prices for all rooms and options are listed below.

Hostel price

Single room, SEK 420/room
Double room, SEK 700/room
3-bed room, SEK 900/room
4-bed room, (min 3 people) 1200 SEK/room
5-bed room, SEK 1500/room
6-bed room, (min. 4 pers.) SEK 1,800/room

Bed price adult, SEK 270/bed


Breakfast, SEK 90/pc
Towel and sheets, SEK 100/pc
Bed linen, SEK 85/pc
Towel, SEK 25/pc
Cleaning single room, SEK 80/pc
Other cleaning, SEK 40/per person
Dog/Cat, SEK 50/night


Children 0-3 years, not own bed Free
Groups larger than 10 people and one payer are offered a special price.

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